Multicultural art project – Artists' collective Vienna/Sibiu.
Hike with artistic interventions along the way & theater pedagogy according to Augusto Boal

Villages in Banat & Transylvania.

June 2022 – September 2023

Inspired by the Viennese actress Gertrud Bodenburger and her company, who traveled in the 18th century to Sibiu and have been influencing its cultural life, this multicultural art project is based on the related idea of ”temporary artistic walkabout”.
Together with students from Austria and Romania, the lecturers and artists Katharina Kraus and Teresa Leonhard set out on their journey and let the encounters and experiences on the way inspire them to creative actions.
In the villages, small theater happenings on various current problems are developed together with the people. Topics such as the environment and sustainability, women's rights, village development, dealing with minorities, etc. are taken up in the joint theater creations and possible solutions are developed. In addition to the public artistic interventions, the inner impressions of the participants are also an important part of the project.
The collected impressions and results will be shown in an interactive exhibition in Austria and Romania.

Katharina Kraus, BEd

Katharina Kraus, born and educated in Vienna, graduated in education, studied acting at the Prayner Conservatory and is a trained theater pedagogue and multimedia art therapist. Since 2004 she has been a lecturer at the University of Agricultural and Environmental Studies in Vienna. She works also as a trainer. Main focuses are: communication, voice training/speech technique, creative writing, theater pedagogy, conflict management, holistic nature experience, mindfulness, play and creativity. As an art and culture officer at the university, she initiates/leads artistic projects with students. For several years, she is a visiting professor at the University Lucian Blaga Sibiu.

Teresa Leonhard

Teresa Leonhard, born in Linz (Austria), is a performer who studied music and movement at the Universities of Music in Vienna and Salzburg. Since 2015 she lives in Sibiu, where she has initiated and organized many artistic and educational projects. Since 2016, she is also a visiting professor at the University Lucian Blaga Sibiu and director of the dance company Dis.Place. In her projects she has worked with people of age categories as well as with people with disabilities.

"To be on the way, to travel through and to arrive – is part of human history.
Creative people have always left their mark. We have a deep interest in the question, how to create lasting effects by means of art and how to leave trace and to support development within a society."


Universitatea Lucian Blaga Sibiu – Facultatea de Științe Socio-Umane, DPPD Teacher Training Department (in German)

Ovidiu Dajbog-Miron Program Director for Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture Jury member

"The project connects two regions (Banat Highlands and Transylvania) with a rich multicultural past and it addresses some of the relevant contemporary themes (migration, sustainability, women's rights) by means of participatory arts interventions in villages, which are not so often in nowadays Romania, and which provide a deeper understanding of what has always brought us together."