The current situation - we know it very well;
but what are we going to do next?



Theater, film and events director, Carmen Lidia Vidu became known as the most important multimedia theater director in Romania and the youngest director who staged the National Theater in Bucharest.
Theater performances staged by Carmen Lidia Vidu are special, they use a different artistic language and her technique transforms into genuine emotion.

Interested in the local context with its various aspects, Carmen Lidia Vidu creates pieces (performances or installations) responding to topical societal trends beyond the surface.
The director reunites artists from different fields: live music, video, dance, etc. with whom she creates her pieces.

Thomas Kloiber,
director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest “It is evidence that the entire cultural sector – in Austria, in Romania, in Europe, all over the world - is one of the most deeply affected social areas, during the corona pandemic. In March 2020, we invited important Austrian and Romanian artists to point out their individual experiences, the opportunities they see in this crisis and the impact of the corona related changes to their art.
They were also questioning the limits of the gigantic cultural experiment that we witnessed on the Internet, keeping in mind that ‘all real living is meeting’, as said by the Austrian philosopher, Martin Buber”.

Andrei Popov,
deputy director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest “Far from looking into a crystal ball, the #newTogether project intends to open the debate about the adjustment of the cultural sector to this unexpected situation, about the relationship with its audience and society in general, after this imposed "stop" period.
The starting point is precisely a paradox that has changed our lives lately – we are together, even in a closer connection than ever, from a distance…”

Poster, copyright by Carmen Lidia Vidu

#newTogether - visions for a new together

A documentary project produced by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest


  • Valentin Alfery
  • Gabriel Bebeselea
  • Emőke Boldizsár
  • Cătălina Butcaru
  • Andreea Chira
  • Suzana Dan
  • Ruxandra Donose
  • Mercedes Echerer
  • Franzobel
  • Tudor Giurgiu
  • Ada Hausvater
  • Radu Iacoban
  • Claudia Ieremia
  • Matei Ioachimescu
  • Andreas Jungwirth
  • Anna Khodorkovskaya
  • Florian Kmet
  • Thomas Köck
  • Josef Maria Krasanovsky
  • Anna-Maria Krassnigg
  • Christoph Krutzler
  • Adela Liculescu
  • Dan Lungu
  • Andrei Măjeri
  • Cosmin Manolescu
  • Ciprian Marinescu
  • Irina Marinescu
  • Mihaela Michailov
  • Marius Olteanu
  • Tudor Păduraru
  • Frieda Paris
  • Alexandra Pâzgu
  • Dan Perjovschi
  • Thomas Perle
  • Micha Elias Pichlkastner
  • Dan Pleşa
  • Leta Popescu
  • Elena Purea
  • Lea Rasovsky
  • Andreea Răsuceanu
  • Ioan Rizea
  • Drew Sarich
  • Sorin Scurtulescu
  • Alina Şerban
  • Peter Sommerer
  • Verena Stauffer
  • Vava Ştefănescu
  • István Teglás
  • Răzvan Cosmin Ţupa
  • Sabina Ulubeanu
  • Carmen Lidia Vidu
  • Elena Vlădareanu
  • Peter Wagner
  • Gottlieb Wallisch
  • Anna Weidenholzer
  • Alexandru Weinberger-Bara
  • Elise Wilk
  • Beate Winkler
  • Mihai Zgondoiu

Concept: Thomas Kloiber
                  Andrei Popov

Director: Carmen-Lidia Vidu

Editor/Animation/Sound: Cristina Baciu

A project supported by Raiffeisen Bank România


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