Common grounds, common future - Ideas in dialogue


How will we manage the current challenges
in culture and society together?

Installation - copyright by Melanie Greim
Installation - copyright by Florian Reischauer
Installation - copyright by Florian Reischauer
Individual works - copyright by Beate Winkler

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Carmen Lidia Vidu,
theater and documentary film director

"#newTogether is a necessary project.
It's a form of dialogue in isolation;
it's a testimony about the Zero Moment.

Our fragility, vulnerability and fear became a universal language that we all spoke in 2020, the year of the covid-19 pandemic.

People isolated themselves, time stood still and a "new together" began."


Austrian-Romanian dialogue project
for culture and society


The Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest invites submissions from established and emerging artists, researchers and artist groups from Austria from a wide range of sectors and connecting fields, including but not limited to: visual, audio, performative, and digital arts, multi- and trans-media projects, social and community art projects, literature, etc.

The purpose of the call is to create a pool of innovative and daring bilateral collaborative projects in the framework of the Timișoara European Capital of Culture 2023 cultural programme.
The selected project proposals will be implemented in different venues across Romania starting in 2021, and up to and including 2023. They will also be integrated in the final #newTogether project documentation targeting political representatives at national and European levels.

Another outcome we expect from this process is to foster lasting collaborations and connections between Austrian and Romanian cultural partners and actors in the field of new technologies, which can further prove their resilience beyond the 2023 milestone.


December 9, 2020 -
February 28, 2021

The call for collaborative ideas is open. Austrian artists and researchers or artists and researchers residing in Austria can submit projects by the deadline.

March 1,

Evaluation of project proposals for this call is undertaken by a committee appointed by the ACF team. The evaluation criteria are detailed here.

March 15,

With the artist’s permission, the selected proposals will enter the project gallery of this website, which presents the repertoire of actions of the entire #newTogether project.

September, 2021 -
December, 2023

Offline project implementation in Romania in the framework of the Timișoara ECoC 2023.

We need new territories for arts and culture
just as much as we need to imagine and practice new ways
of working and of ensuring our livelihoods.

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