Why this project now?

Our societies, whether in Romania, Austria or other parts of the world, are dramatically changing.
New perspectives are urgently needed!

Nowadays challenges like pandemic, globalization, climate change, social gaps and tensions, migration, digitalization, loss of perspectives and credibility in politics are scaring many people.

The transformation of the social significance of identity become noticeable: these global changes challenge the different views on identity.

This kind of situation can turn into a chance, if one has visions for the future, visions, which are more attractive than the resistance which always accompanies changes.

When the authorities of Timişoara asked their citizens about their current urgencies, the lack of common visions was one of the most pivotal answers (Bid Book Timisoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture).

Common visions and constructive public discourse are the best remedy against fragmentation and polarization of a society.

We need encouragement for positive changes, commitment for implementation of strategies, action plans and concrete perspectives especially for young people. The pandemic turning point, the current general situation and the impact of civil society movements in Europe and particularly in Romania give hope that new approaches to overcome resistance and faintness can be successful. So, let´s use this moment!

Objective and intended results


The Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs launched a program called "Creative Austrians", in which key-challenges of today and tomorrow are identified.

Innovative solutions at the interface between arts, culture and societally relevant creative work are presented.

#newTogether is embedded within "Creative Austrians" since it will address one of the key challenges of our present societies, the lack of common visions, and it will face it by developing ways for a new and a better TOGETHER.

The present project aims to initiate an open public dialogue between Austria and Romania on society relevant topics in order to exchange experiences and perspectives and to reflect a framework for social and cultural innovation.

Intended results

The project #newTogether seeks to achieve concrete and verifiable results, e.g.:

Positive changes of the current situation in Romania in different areas like education and the participation of the civil society in the range of politics.

Changed perspectives in the society from obstacles to opportunities, in particular regarding the dialog of ethnic minorities.

Innovative ideas for living together, focussing on environmental issues and sustainability.

Enhancing the climate for a fair, open and inclusive society, in regard of political, religious and sexual orientation.

Improving in the relation of the gender: Combat domestic violence as well as implementation of gender equality in any level of the society
Creating new or enhance established networks between artists, civil society and media.